The Moon

January 27, 2018

The Moon is like a satellite transmitting the radiation or frequencies in positive and negative pulses from the so called Chrystal spheres, where the wandering stars dwell with the fixed stars in the background, filtering and directing through our emotions in to our ph...

January 27, 2018

By Misty Kuceris 2012

  • Should I schedule clients during the void-of-course period?

  • Should I sign contracts during the void-of-course period?

  • What can I do during this time period that will amount to anything?

Frustration seemed to be the underlying emotio...

January 27, 2018


The Mountain Astrologer June/July 2003

Editor’s choice articles;  

By Jenni Stone                                            


January 27, 2018

Definitions of "void of course", according to the "astrological dictionary".

By Chris Brennan

A planet is generally said to be void of course when it is not applying to an aspect with any other planets, although the specific requirements of the condition vary based on wh...

January 27, 2018

By Wroskopos February 19, 2010

Moon void of course (voc) in Horary

Moon is the most important body in Horary. She is the co-indicator of any question. As Moon moves only forward in its respective phenomenal movement, we can think of it as linear time-frame: past aspects...

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